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Android - HK Kalender

The following text is translated from Danish into English by Google Translate.
Languages: Danish, Swedish, English, German

A simple paper-like calendar.
There is no way to sync with Google or Outlook, and it will probably never be made.

To write a text on a specific date, press simply on a date and then enter the desired text.
There is no possibility of different colors and alarms.

Showing week number.
Can display all Danish holidays.
Events: Shows the birthdays and the like in red every year.
Various dates: Showing flag days and like every year.
Standard texts: Can be created and inserted with a few taps.
VoiceRec. Say text. Danish, English and any other languages that Google supports.
FTP Backup: Save all calendar data on your FTP server.

All data is stored on the SD card in the folder "\Android\data\HK Calendar"
So take a copy of this folder if you want to have a backup.

Version log:
1.13: Some small changes and fixes
1.12: Copy, cut and paste in note edit did not work with Android 4+
1.11: Oops! FTP backup did not work after last update
Enable / disable week numbers
1.10: Minor bug fix, Danish holidays were shown at startup even though it was disabled
1.09: Some small changes and fixes
1.08: FTP Backup
1.07: Minor bug fixes
1.06: German language corrected
Minor bug fixes
1.05: Ability to change the column height and text sizes
View battery level
1.04: Swedish language added
Context menu with standard texts added to
the calendar main screen
1.03: English and German language added
1.02: First public version, Danish only

Download - 3.2MB